Teen Intervene is a Drug and Alcohol Class that is taught by trained counselors from Child and Family Focus.  The class requirements encompass 2 class sessions, must be attended back-to-back, with an optional (but recommended) parent session in conjunction with the second session.

Please register for the date provided by your panel.  The schedule can be located using the following hyperlink : Teen Intervene 2018 Schedule

Please indicate if the parent/guardian will be attending the “Parent/Guardian Session”

Please allow 48 business hours to receive a confirmation letter.

Teen Intervene Registration

  • Youth’s first and last name.
  • Phone number used to best reach you in case of any changes.
  • Email address used to send a confirmation notice.

  • Above are the dates for Teen Intervene – please choose 1 date.

    Session 1 & Session 2 MUST be attended by youth. Please indicate if a parent will be joining in the last session. If you do not mark the box, it will be considered that the guardian will NOT be attending.

  • Please provide the name of the guardian that will be attending the last session with the youth (Can also be used as an emergency contact)
  • Please provide the email used for the parent/guardian of youth.
  • Please enter the name of the person that gave you the resolutions.
  • Please enter the name of the panel i.e. the name of the town where you were seen. (for example : Aston YAP, Brookhaven YAP, Chester City YAP)

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