For Center for Resolutions, Mediation is a voluntary process between two or more parties in conflict searching for an alternative to the traditional court system. Our mediators serve as a neutral third party who works towards bridging the gap between those in conflict. While mediators don’t serve as a judge, lawyer, or arbitrator, they help the disputants understand each other’s point of view and help the disputants create a mutual agreement. The mediator’s role is to create an open space of trust, empathy, and transparency. 

Mediation is useful in the following (but not limited to) situations: 

  • Neighbor Disputes 
  • Workplace Disputes 
  • Landlord/tenant
  • Property Disputes
  • Breach of Contracts
  • Parenting Plans 
  • School Conflict 
  • Harassment 

Mediation is completely voluntary and confidential. At CFR, we offer our services at a minimal cost and offer flexible scheduling for mediation services. 

How do I schedule a mediation?

If you’re experiencing a conflict with another individual(s) contact our office. We’ll help you assess whether or not mediation would be beneficial.

Telephone: (610) 566-7710

In addition to facilitating mediations, we also offer trainings to help professionals resolve conflict in their daily lives both in and out of the workplace. All of our mediation trainings offer CLE (Continuing Legal Education) and CEU (Continuing Education Units) credits, along with teaching various skill sets on how to mitigate conflict. We cater our trainings to individual organizations which is especially favorable for lawyers, social workers, teachers, administrators, and Human Resources staff. 

Click on our trainings listed below for more information or contact Center for Resolutions at

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