The history of Center for Resolutions began in 1976 serving as a subsect of the Quaker based group known as the Testimony and Concerns Committee of the Philadelphia Yearly meeting. These traditions took place out of a store front in Darby where individuals would go to solve disputes as an alternative to the traditional court system, in turn saving time and money. This practice is now known as Mediation.

In 1981 we began our own organization known as the Community Dispute Settlement Program and operated with Mediation services for 14 years until 1995 when we added the Youth Aid Panel Program. In 2003, we decided to change our name to Center for Resolutions to represent our expanding program to exemplify our main goal as an organization – which is to bring about a meaningful and effective resolution to alleviate conflict within one’s life. 

Our mission is to empower youth, adults, families, businesses, and communities in discovering their own potential to promote peace, generate effective, lasting resolutions and alternatives to conflict.

Staff Members

Paul Summers
Executive Director / Youth Aid Panel Coordinator

Alex McKenna
Office Manager

Board Members

George Aventian, DO

Mike Gillespie
Vice Chairman

Albert M. Greto, Esq.

Mark DuFrayne

Jim Murray
Steven K. Gerber
Police Chief Joseph Daly
Brenda Wolfer
Camisha Canty

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