We train 100’s of wonderful people each year in mediation and other types of conflict resolution.   A few stay in touch, but for most, after 3-days of training back to their life they go.  Occasionally I wonder about the latter and the impact the training had on them and/or the lives of others.  Below is an email I recently received sharing how 1 former trainee is applying his mediation skills-


I thought I’d share with you something my son told me a few weeks ago. We were talking about the work he’s doing today in Texas and he mentioned that the training in mediation and conflict that he took with the Center for Resolutions, shortly after he graduated from college, included many of the skills he uses every day with staff, physicians, other administrators and even with prisoners. He is currently administrator of a 200 bed, in-patient hospital in a maximum security prison outside of Houston, Texas. He is responsible for doctors, nurses, other medical personnel, managing chronic illnesses as well as negotiating with providers of services and supplies. What he learned about negotiations and conflict has been invaluable. Thought you might want to know your work has extended into Texas!!!