It was a lively evening at CFR Wednesday night for the Mediators Gathering as Team Phillies and Team Raiders faced off in a competitive game of Jeopardy.  Contestants were challenged with some tough questions about Ethical Issues in Mediation.  The judges followed the Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators to guide their decisions as they imparted their knowledge, impartiality, and patience! The Phillies and Raiders engaged in some lively debates as they vied for the lead.  Each team gave compelling answers to questions concerning a mediator’s role in potentially compromising situations; despite the length of time it took for some to answer their question!  We awarded prizes to the contestants ranging from fashionable boas, because no matter where you stand in a competition, it’s always important to “look good”; Superhero bath bubbles for some big egos; and Amp energy drinks for contestants who were not quite as “wound up” as their counterparts. (Personally, I think board member and volunteer mediator Mike Gillespie sports a boa very nicely!)

After game time ended, we got down to the more serious business of reviewing CFR’s new Consent to Mediate form, recently approved by the board.  All mediators should review the changes before their next mediation. Finally, we delved into the new Mediator’s Handbook, co-authored by our very own CFR mediator, Jennifer Beer.  Topics discussed included the new mediation anatomy, the importance of asking a diagnostic or positive questions in the opening, visual aids, the “Flip-It” technique, asking Example and Impact questions to get at interests, how to address values, feelings, and mind-reads.  For those of you would like a copy of the new handbook please contact the office.  It’s a must have!  Thanks to all the volunteers who attended the gathering. It always warms my heart when our volunteer mediators gather to learn new information and share their experiences and ideas with fellow mediators.  My sincere appreciation for all that you do for CFR.  You Rock!